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"Budding Artists" .is a project founded by Sysi Mananga in 2012.

The "Budding Artists Project" seeks to offer musical instruments and classes to orphan children in Brazzaville (Congo) so as to teach them how to play the guitar or the djembe and how to sing.

Listen to the Budding Artists' first Album "Hymne a la Joie" (2015) 


Concert de Noel 2014,Les Dépêches de Brazzaville(3 décembre2014)
Sortie de l'album HYMNE A LA JOIE,La Semaine Africaine(25 novembre 2014)
Concert de fin d’année 2014 et album des Artistes en Herbe,La Semaine Africaine, (25 juillet 2014)
Les enfants de l'Association Artistes en Herbe offrent un spectacle émouvant, Les Dépêches de Brazzaville(22 juillet 2014)
Concert de Noel 2013 des Artistes en Herbe, 
Dépêches de Brazzaville (18 décembre 2013)
Dons de Tamtam aux orphelinats de Brazzaville pour les cours de percussions, Dépêches de Brazzaville (27 août 2013)
Concert de fin d'année 2013 des orphelins du Projet,  Dépêches de Brazzaville (13 juillet 2013) 
Le Projet s'agrandit! La Semaine Africaine (12 mars 2013)
Le Projet est lance!  La Semaine Africaine (26 octobre 2012)
Lire l'article sur la  REMISE DES INSTRUMENTS AUX ENFANTS  dans Les Dépêches de Brazzaville (22 octobre 2012)


Syssi Mananga's Fans!


Music Class

The 4th of March 2012, the neighborhood of Mpila in Brazzaville (Congo) was turned to ashes following the explosion of an artillery magazine. The blast led to the death, injury and displacement of thousands of people, not to mention the extensive material damage, and the psychological trauma for the survivors. Following the tragedy, Syssi Mananga (Belgo-Congolese composer-singer residing in Brazzaville) decided to partner with an orphanage from the affected area, the Orphelinat Notre Dame de Nazareth, to led an action that would alleviate the psychological impact of the catastrophe on the most vulnerable kids and put a smile back on their face. This action was to involve music, seen by Syssi as a passion but also as a healing therapy. That’s how the « Budding Artists Project » (Artistes en Herbe) was born. The project aims at teaching music to orphan children and providing them with instruments starting next school year. The first to benefit from this project was Orphelinat Nazareth in Mpila. However, with increased funding, the initiative is now providing music classes to three other structures for vulnerable kids, i.e 1) Joseph Gaston Orphanage; 2) Coeur Immacule Orphanage and 3) Center Ephata for Deaf and/or Mute Children.



Sony, budding drummer

The project provides orphans, sick and/or handicapped kids with new experiences and the opportunity to discover their musical talents, acting as a sort of therapy. The children attend musical classes under the tutelage of local and international music teachers. These classes take place several times a week, in small groups. The classes cover both singing and musical instruments. Since its inception, the project has provided its beneficiaries with 14 guitars, 22 tomtoms, 6 pairs of maracas, and 1 keyboard.


III.          TEAM

Syfia, Budding Singer

The team is composed of Syssu Mananga (founder/director), Oda Henricksen and  Vertu Boudimbou for coordination and administrative responsibilities. Obed Badila is the guitar eacher. Graduated for the Congolese Academy of Fine Arts in guitar, Obed has a true passion for this instrument that he is eager to share.  His patience and pedagogical skills makes him an excellent mentor and teacher for the vulnerable kids of the project. OUr drum teacher, Magnum, is a tried and tested Congolese percussionist. He is a member of the traditional-modern drumming group MUSEE D’ART. He also teaches at the ADADA School, as well as the cultural center Sony Labou Tansi. As Singing Teachers, we have Amber Junker and Jules Bopele. Amber is a professional singer and actress from America. She has studied musical theater, opera and jazz. Based in Brazzaville until 2015, she will teach our young students in tandem with a local animator Elie Mabanza. Jules Bopele: Professor of solfege and voice at the Congolese Academy of Fine Arts, Jules conducts one of the biggest choir in Brazzaville. It is this passion for singing and harmonization that he wants to communicate to the children.


Twice a year, at Christmas and before summer holiday, the students present what they have learned at a large concert. These events are attended by press, sponsors and the public. At the end of the concert, a musical instrument or a radio (provided by sponsors) is offered to the best singer, guitar student and the best djembe student from each orphanage. In total, 3 radios, 3 guitars and 4 djembes will be offered each year to the 10 most accomplished students, which will be determined through an evaluation from the teachers. These joint events  instill a sense of community and a bond between the orphanages while the rewarding for those who are the most diligent will serve as an example for other kids to continue working and surpass themselves.


Want to support the « Budding Artists Project » ?

You can do it in two ways:

  1) By joining the donor community for the project at United Donations (, you will contribute each month to great music lessons for the kids. This is a durable commitment that will allow us to ensure the sustainability of the project and, maybe even scale up the initiative to other orphanages in Congo.


  2) By buying the album "Retour aux Sources", you automatically contribute to the project. This is an important and symbolic contribution to the project. So far, the profits from album sales only have allowed for offering 10 music instruments and ensuring first months of classes to kids of the Nazareth Orphanage !

Syssi Mananga: Retour Aux Sources